Resident Evil Is Taking Another Run With A New TV Series

Resident Evil

Resident Evil has its next Netflix series coming to us all soon to give us all more Resident Evil in our lives

It certainly feels like we are getting a whole lot of Resident Evil in our lives as of late. All of the remakes and new-ish entries keep on rolling out and it looks as if Capcom is not slowing down with it all. This goes along with the previously announced Resident Evil series coming to Netflix soon. A series that is going to be hitting the platform much sooner than we thought with July 14th bringing us all eight episodes of the series to binge through and see just where they are taking the story this time. Something a bit different than the last animated entry and other live-action films we had not too long ago too. One of which was on Netflix too, so I am sure it is going to start to get a bit more confusing.

Now that we have the date for this Resident Evil, we can dive a bit more into what we are going to get with this release. We are going to get a story that takes place a bit in the future of the IP's universe. In fact, thirty years have passed by but it looks as if Umbrella is still up to their ways. It would not be a Resident Evil title if that was not the case. Thankfully, this does place it where we do not need to worry about anything preset by the games nor will it be following those stories from the looks of it. We are just going to be seeing some of the monsters and politics from it all and with a solid foundation for all of the visuals. I just hope that the acting and storylines up with it all too.

Resident Evil — Official Series Trailer

Umbrella Corporation is going to change the world 🙂

Nearly three decades after the discovery of the T-virus, an outbreak reveals the Umbrella Corporation's dark secrets. Based on the horror franchise, Resident Evil and the T-virus arrives on Netflix, on July 14th.

Have you been excited to see all of these new Resident Evil titles out there or is it getting too saturated at this point? How do you think this story is going to help it all stand out from the others or will it play back into the basics we have had already? Do you like how the visuals of this are looking and will that help sell it all no matter how the acting and writing play out? Give us all of your feedback on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. When we have anything more to share for this Netflix Resident Evil, we will try to update you all here. Please keep an eye out for all of that and much more.