E3 2023 Is Currently Planned To Be Back In-Person And Digitally


E3 is currently planned to be back and in-person in 2023 to give fans all of the E3 fun they have missed over the years

We are just about to hit the normal time of year where E3 would normally be taking place but since the pandemic shook things up and kept some things uncertain leading up, we have not seen one in-person since 2019. This year will also mark the first time in a while that we have not had anything for the convention even in a digital form. That was something that was done during the pandemic to help keep fans of E3 going and all of the developers/publishers spreading the news of what is coming in the zeitgeist. Thankfully, it looks like things could be back on track in 2023 with a digital and in-person event planned for the usual time of year. As long as the world does not try to end itself all again, that is.

None of this is completely confirmed as of yet, but in a new interview Stan Pierre-Louis, President of the Entertainment Software Association, the parent company of E3 made the announcement that things are getting planned. This would normally seem like something that should fully confirm it, but it is still over a year away and half a year before true plans normally would start. Given the success of various other conventions and showcases are showing it is possible to do it all safely again, it does feel like E3 could happen safely too. Have a look at the interview that was conducted and then keep those fingers crossed that we could see this and other canceled events back in full swing again.

E3 Will Return In 2023, According To Its Parent Company

Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest event includes a press-focused in-person component in Los Angeles. But it’s become 2022’s biggest gaming event this summer, largely due to the absence of E3, the gaming convention that typically takes place then. The Washington Post’s video game team Launcher sat down with Stan Pierre-Louis, President of the Entertainment Software Association, the parent company of E3. We discuss what the likelihood of E3 returning in 2023 is, and what he thinks about in-person events and its challenges going forward.

Did you miss out on E3 over the last few years or have you always been on the side of cancelling the event in general? Do you see the same bonus in meeting with others in the industry in-person or are you one of those big outlets/names that do not rely on this to keep going? Will they open it back to the public or go back to industry-only for this upcoming year to make sure it is safe to do again? Tell us all of your thoughts on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish. We are all-in on E3 coming back, so we will update you on all of that while coving what we can during the upcoming news and information drop coming. Just keep a close eye on the site to see all of that as best as possible.