It Is Time To Climb Into The Light Of Horizon Call Of The Mountain


The Horizon world carries on with a new look at the upcoming Horizon Call Of The Mountain for the PSVR2

The official announcement for the PSVR2 brought with it the announcement for Horizon Call Of The Mountain hitting the system for us when it comes. It does feel like something that everyone has wanted from Guerrilla Games with the world we have loved for a while. I am guessing this is why Firesprite has taken on the task to give us the world of Horizon in this virtual setting. Given the tease we had a while ago, I know I have been excited to get this experience to immerse me further in it all, and now we have a look at how some of the gameplay will function. Gameplay that may keep some out there a bit more hesitant to give it a go with the various motions we are going to have in the game based on this.

You can see a bit of what I am talking about in the follower trailer for Horizon Call Of The Mountain, and you will see that there will be some vastly fast-moving sections out there. We will be zip-lining through parts of the map and making huge leaps to cliffs and ledges. Not something that has not been done before or in the core Horizon titles, but here it looks like we will have full head motion during it all and that can cause some to get that dizzy feeling for sure. Then you have the combat that looks like it is not going to be slowing down at all for Ryas in the game. We will still need to knock and shoot our arrows, but it seems like the other gameplay elements from the base versions are not here. Thus, we will need to keep track of all of the frantic movements of the machines while carefully taking aim. Maybe this will all work better in the final build, but it feels like it is going to be a nightmare for some.

Horizon Call Of The Mountain — Announcement

Step into a new virtual reality adventure set in the world of Horizon.

Explore the world through the eyes of Ryas, a former Shadow Carja warrior, to uncover a grave threat to the Sundom. Experience luscious and dangerous areas up close as you fight mighty machines, meet new and familiar faces – and take in spectacular views on the immersive River Ride experience!

Have you always wanted to have a VR game for Horizon or were you hoping this would be more of a walking simulation instead of the higher action? Do you think that the team will be able to limit the motion sickness normally in the VR or will this be only for some of the hardcore VR gamers? Do you think we will get more of the core gameplay elements in the game or will it all be what we get to see here and nothing more? Tell us all down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. Once we have more to share for Horizon Call Of The Mountain, know it will be here for you. All you need to do is keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more.