Be Prepared For Some New Challenges For Horizon Forbidden West


We have a small look at some of the new challenges we will face in Horizon Forbidden West with some coming back from the past Horizon title

We should have all known that Horizon Forbidden West was going to be a bit challenging to play. It would not be a great game if there were not any solid challenges in the game. That is not what we are talking about, though. The challenging part we are talking about here will be the little extras that Guerrilla Games is mixing in again to give us a break from the main story if we do want. Many of which we have experienced from Horizon Zero Dawn, but it looks like we will have some new ones when the game drops on February 18th for the PS4 and PS5. Some of which look like they will be a bit more epic in scale than just going hunting and gathering.

You can get a small look at some of these new challenges out there for Horizon Forbidden West, but in the mix we will see some of the Hunting Grounds back, Scavenging for parts, and the usual Cauldrons out there. It also looks like we are getting some Arena and Special Hunts in the mix of it all too. All to better fit the world of Horizon and the various tribes that we will interact with out there too. That is where it feels like it will get a bit more interesting, as some of them look and feel themed closer to the new locations than just the same mission with a different map like before. I am all about expanding the cultures and people out there for this IP.

Doing all of these challenges will do about what we expect while offering up new gear for us in Horizon Forbidden West. This is why we need to complete them. Then again, having the specific and epic-looking arena fights with some massive machines feels like it will also bring you some of the bragging rights to come along with it. I would assume that the machines in the pits will be a bit beefier than those we experience while running around in Horizon Forbidden West. Thankfully, we do not have to wait too long to get to see how all of this will play out beyond the nice little video we have below to look at.

Horizon Forbidden West — Challenges Of The Forbidden West

Rise Above Our Ruin.

Discover what lies ahead for Aloy in the Forbidden West…

The open world of Horizon Forbidden West is a true playground for players. An expansive world full of danger and adventure - and Aloy will need a lot of tools, weapons, and skills to survive what her enemies will throw at her.

In this special short, find out more about how Aloy can thrive and strategize in an increasingly threatening world.

Did you ever think that we were not going to be getting these challenges back in Horizon or is it nice to just see how they will function? Will you be aiming to experience more of these arenas out there or will that be something you will be too timid to experience? How much of a grind will some of these be or will they have been altered to fix that from the previous games out there? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish. We will keep sharing all that we can for Horizon Forbidden West, so please keep checking back in for all of that. We are in the final stretch so we will see a lot more coming.