Rumor: Marvel’s Avengers Might Be Adding In She-Hulk To The Fight


A new rumor for Marvel’s Avengers has it listed that She-Hulk will be coming to aid the Avengers as a new character

It is that time of year again where things get sparse and the rumors start flying to fill the voids. Now we have a new one out here for Marvel’s Avengers and that we will be seeing another new character coming down the pipes from Crystal Dynamics. I mean, they have not canceled the game or put anything on hold, as of yet, so that does make sense that it would happen. We are just getting speculation now that we will see another, and given that there is the new show coming, it makes sense. There is now the possibility that we will see She-Hulk joining in for the next outing for Marvel’s Avengers here. At least, that is what the current rumors out there are starting to circulate out there after the latest one that brought some fans the use of Spider-Man in the game.

As with every rumor out there, we should obviously take this as it is and not expect it all to be a truth for Marvel’s Avengers. The only reason we are bringing this up is that it all comes from someone that was correct before in their reporting of a voice actor being tapped for the game. This time it is in the form of Krizia Bajos being brought in for She-Hulk. Before it was in the form of Christopher Judge as Black Panther, so there is at least some level of accuracy from the past. Mix in the fact that the character could work as Kate Bishop did for the Avengers before Hawkeye, meaning that there is some groundwork and only basic tweaks needed to make her a full character, and it does at least have some legs. It may not be the character that many want out there, but it does seem like it could be true. We will only have to sit and wait for now.

Do you think that we will see She-Hulk joining in the fight with the Avengers or is this just someone grasping to hope they are right again? Do you think, if it is true, she would function like the Hulk on the basics and just have a few different things added in as we saw before with similar characters? Are the studio and publisher making enough from the game to even be willing to spend money on new things outside of the promises they made before launch? Let everyone out there know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss it all. More for Marvel’s Avengers will certainly be coming, so be sure to keep checking back for all of that and much more. Hopefully, it will be more than just rumors going forward.