Even More Machines Are Roaming Out Now For Horizon Forbidden West

Forbidden West

Another showing of the various machines in Horizon Forbidden West is here to get us ready to head out for that Forbidden West

We have had a chance to see many of the new and old threats that will be out there in Horizon Forbidden West when the game launches on February 18th. A good portion of them that look like they will give Aloy another run for the money as we expand out further into the world. Guerrilla Games did not want it to end there for now, though, and we have more to look at and try to figure out how we will survive all of these beasties as we head into the Forbidden West. Only a few more months until we can load this one up on the PS4 and PS5, so it makes sense to get a bit more of the hype rolling on out there.

All of this boils down to the fact that we have some new footage for Horizon Forbidden West to look at and some of the new machines we will have here. Again, there are some of the old classics, but it looks like there will be some ape or monkey type of machines in the mix along with some other dinosaur-based ones added in. None of this does much to help us understand their roles in the Forbidden West here, but it is fun to see what we could be facing. I know I generally tried to control them all, so my game was usually a bit different than those that just enjoyed running around and shooting everything as freely as they could.

Horizon Forbidden West — Machines Of The Forbidden West

Rise Above Our Ruin

In the Forbidden West, awe-inspiring machines rule the lands. These technologically advanced robots have become Earth’s dominant species and pose a serious threat throughout Aloy’s mission.

In this special short, catch a glimpse of both new and returning machines in Horizon Forbidden West.

Are you desperately counting the days until the launch for Horizon Forbidden West or will it just be a nice surprise when it comes next year? Do you like the new robot designs or will they get lost in all of the chaos you plan on bringing down? Will there be a better explanation for the various types of machines here or will it just be an excuse for the art teams to make as many of them as they wish? Tell us all of your thoughts on this and more down in the comments. Horizon Forbidden West will have much more soon, so be sure to keep checking back on the site. We will update as fast as we can for all of it.