Cozy Up And Get Wrapped Up In The Release Of Scarf


Scarf is out there now and there is one more push to make sure you can enjoy the wonders of Scarf

It is finally here and the wait clocks can be deactivated, as Scarf is launching out there on your PC right now. It may not be the big triple-A title that many might be looking for as a gift out there, but it is a gift that Uprising Studios is ready to drop out there for us. You cannot scoff at the fact that we have been a little light on the fun and uplifting platformers out there. It has been a thing and now we have Scarf here to help change things and give us some other style of fun in the mix. You know, as platformers generally do. Even if the platform it is launching on is not the one that feels the most conducive to it all.

If you do not remember what is going on for Scarf, then let me give you a quick recap. In it, we will need to adventure around an open world of platforms and puzzles to solve the various issues out in the world. All while having a fashionable dragon around our neck that has taken up the look of the titular scarf out there. It will help us jump, run, and glide our way through everything out there to have a nice little ending with a bow on it. The following trailer might offer up a bit of a better explanation, so have a look and see if it will be gracing your gaming stations here now that it is out there in the world.

Scarf — Launch Trailer

The gorgeous and exciting 3D single-player adventure platformer Scarf is out now on PC!

Wholesome. More than a word, rather a feeling that describes the holiday season around Xmas. International publisher HandyGames, together with developer Uprising Studios, might be considered "daring" or just "crazy" to date the release to the day before Christmas Eve. Also, offering a more than reasonable price for a game of this class and scale is quite unusual.

But HandyGames wants to give something back in those challenging times. And what says "Thank You!" better than giving a beautiful triple-I game to the community? All in all, the holidays are about making people happy.

Did you forget that Scarf was launching out there for us today or did you need this little reminder? DO you think it will be a fun little title to mix into all of the blood and gore of the holidays here? Could we see the game launch on other platforms in the future or will it stick to its PC roots here? Let everyone out there know what is on your mind down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is anything more for Scarf, be sure to know we will share it all here. All you need to do is keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more.