You Can Have A Chance To Jump Into Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor fans will have a chance to experience Hello Neighbor 2 a little bit before the mass audiences out there will

If you were hesitant on the thought of pre-ordering Hello Neighbor 2 when it is an option, you might want to get those plans going again. Not because there is a need to funnel more money to Eerie Guest Studios or tinyBuild to make sure the game will be finished. I am sure they would not turn that offer down. It is more in the fact that pre-ordering Hello Neighbor 2 is looking like it will give you one little extra benefit. That being that you will be able to get an early look at the game as it is closer to launch. That all sounds confusing. The shorter version is you can gain access to an early beta stage by pre-ordering now.

This may or may not be the biggest of incentives to get you to secure your copy of Hello Neighbor 2, as you can experience the Alpha builds of the game right now on the PC. I am going to make the assumption that they will go away when we get closer to April 7th when this closed Beta will start up, but it seems like an odd offer to just leave out there. My guess is that Hello Neighbor are helping as much as possible now, but when there is money on the lines, they will dive deeper to make sure their final product is what they want to experience out there. Even if it does feel like it will strip some of the allure away with knowing how some of the new characters and enemies will function in the game before launch.

Hello Neighbor 2 — Beta & Pre-orders Announcement

Get your hands on the exclusive closed Beta for Hello Neighbor 2 with pre-orders starting April 7th 2022!

Does it seem weird to be able to play Hello Neighbor 2 now, then just before launch, then again at launch? Will it all be shifted once the final build of the game is out there and this will only further the gameplay mechanics and nothing more? What other hidden secrets will be in the mix for the game at launch that will not be in the Alpha or Beta versions? Give us all of that feedback and more down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish. As more for Hello Neighbor 2 flows out there, we will share it here. Please keep checking back for all of that and more as we head into the new year.