Star Wars Eclipse Aims To Take Some Back To The Era Of The High Republic

Star Wars

A new Star Wars title is on the way with Star Wars Eclipse whisking fans back to an era that needs more exploring

It is time to watch the masses lose their minds with the reveal that Star Wars Eclipse is on the way out there at some point. Not that this is directly based on something that fans would know right away but a new title that Quantic Dream is working on for everyone out there. Then again, all you need to do is put Star Wars on a project and you will have droves of fans already hyped up for the project with almost nothing to go on. Hells, here we have a nice cinematic view of the High Republic era that the game will take place in and not much else. That is enough to have so many over-hyped for the game as we wait to see what actually becomes of it. Even if we do have a few more details to share about it here…

So, not only are we getting this new Star Wars title and the setting it is in, but a little on what to expect from it all. Most of which comes from the line of games that the team has already put together over the years. Quantic is known for its branching narrative games after all. Star Wars Eclipse is going to be one like it with multiple characters we get to play as and a few of the action-adventure bits the IP is normally known for. One can look at Detroit as being one of these such titles but only in a completely unique setting that does not have forty years of fan hype around it. All I am saying is until we get some actual in-game elements, look at it as something they are well-known for doing for the mechanics, just with this massive IP as a skin over it. Getting overhyped at this point could lead you to sadness as we have seen many times before.

Star Wars Eclipse — Cinematic Reveal

Star Wars Eclipse is the newest adventure in the High Republic era, now early in development by Quantic Dream.

Set during the High Republic era, Star Wars Eclipse is an intricately branching action-adventure game that can be experienced in many ways, and puts the destinies of multiple playable characters in your hands, created in collaboration between Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games.

Do you think that this will be just another of their branching narrative titles in the past just with the Star Wars IP slapped on or will it change their style of game completely? Will we get to see completely new characters in the mix of it all here or will it fall back on using the core set that every story seems to dig into? Will there be some truly high-end action in this game or will it be many QTEs that the genre is known for? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. More for Star Wars Eclipse is on the way, and we will share it all here as soon as we can. All you need to do is keep checking back on the site and our socials to stay as up to date as we can be.