Public Leaking At GDC 2009

While the Game Developers Conference that just took place in San Francisco just last week isn't the largest place for crazy game announcements and substantial news, at least it wasn't my impression, there are always a few little things that get shown off or spoken about while there. A lot of it is also "off the record" type stuff that gets shown and brought up. Or even simpler, a please do not record and show off anything you see in this conference or booth. It happens. A lot. But that still does not stop anyone from being a little on the sneaky side and risking loosing face with these companies to do so.

Because there are people like this out there, we the gaming community get to reap some of the rewards. As well as some of us who hold to our agreements get a chance to show you what we were not allowed to record or show outside of our mind's eye. Things like gameplay footage from say, God of War III and Uncharted 2 to name two of these said "leaked" assets.

So below, I submit for your viewing pleasure video clips of the game play for those two games. It is done in a shaky cam type way, as it is a pirated view of the gameplay, but you can kind of get a good feel for the games from them. Just be sure to say the traditional 'Yar' when starting the clips up for the first time. To follow the pirating tradition of course. Enjoy.

God of War III

Uncharted 2