Will You Have What It Takes To Survive The Evil Below

Evil Below

A new horror title, Evil Below, is on the way from the latest PlayStation Talents that will test us as we fight the evil below

There are going to be many new horrors coming to us out there with the announcement and teaser we have for Evil Below coming to the PS4, PS5, and PC here. I say here as if we have a solid release date or window set down from Fire Raven Studios for the game, which we do not as of yet. What we do have is a nice little teaser to let us know that the smaller team is working on the game and that we will have Evil Below at some point. That and offer up a little look at the gameplay that we will get to experience when the day does finally come and we have it loaded on our systems. My guess is that it will be later in the year of 2022, but I could be way off the mark at this point.

Looking at the trailer we do have for Evil Below, the game does feel like it is taking some of those famous tropes and tactics from video games in the past. We have our protagonist and their child in a car accident in the middle of nowhere. Check. A child has gone missing. Check. There is an evil cult out there causing all sorts of issues finding the child. Check. Lastly, we have some creepy and scary creatures that are lurking about ready to kill us at every little turn out there. It does sound and look like Evil Below is hitting all of those spaces on the horror game BINGO card. Now we get to see if it is all placed together to give us a great gaming experience, a great story, or some mixture of the two. Have a look and get ready to wait for it to fully launch out there.

Evil Below — Gameplay

A mysterious car accident on a lonely road leaves our protagonist and her child alone in the middle of nowhere. But after discovering the kid has been kidnapped by an evil cult, the woman will venture deep into the forest to find her lost child. But first, she must survive the horrors that dwell in this cursed place.

What are your thoughts on Evil Below after seeing and reading all of the above? Do you think it is hitting all of the classics well or will it be a retelling of stories we have had many times over already? When do you suspect that we will see and hear this game in the wild and do you think it will be later in 2022 than earlier? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. We will keep the news and updates for Evil Below coming at you as best as we can. Just be sure to keep a close eye on the site for all of that and much, much more in the coming days.