After The Fall Runs Us Through A Bit Of Skidrow

After The Fall

Gameplay is here for After The Fall to take us through Skidrow and show why we should pre-order After The Fall now

The zombies out there just will not kill themselves or clear out in After The Fall, and we will need to keep doing that for them in the VR setting here. More so when we head into the new area of the game that Vertigo Games has to share with us here to get us further hyped up to play and experience the world with our friends out there. After The Fall is a four-player experience where we will need to kill all of the undead that are out there. Now we just get to walk through the Skidrow area of it all and slay them all and all of the other weird variants that are roaming the streets again.

You can see some of the fun action for After The Fall running just below and see how it will function as we go in guns akimbo to wreck faces. There does look to be a mass variation in the different types of zombies we will be killing here and a few level puzzles to shoot along the way. I am curious to see if these puzzles and locks will be available to shoot while enemies are still in the area. It would make it a faster play for After The Fall if we could just blast our way through it all instead of dealing with everything in order. I guess we will just have to wait and see. You can make sure to pre-order and secure the right to do all of that right out the gate.

After The Fall — Skidrow Gameplay

Prepare yourself for the first ‘Skidrow Harvest Run’ mission in After The Fall❄️

Have a look at the new gameplay video and pre-order the game now to get exciting bonuses!🥶

After The Fall — “Better Together”

Storm incoming 🥶 After The Fall is now available for pre-order with exciting bonuses and 10% off!

For all of you, we include access to the full first season of content… and did you spot that sweet 4 vs. 4 combat?!👀

How are you feeling about After The Fall here and do you think it will flow as smoothly when playing in the wilds here? Will you try to speed run through levels and shoot all of the tentacles along the way or will we be forced to go in order of things? Do pre-orders still get you to pay early for a game or will that soon be a thing of the past unless they start to limit how many will be out there? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. More for After The Fall will be out there. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and everything else along the way.