The DC Super-Villains Are Coming Out In Force For Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels

More Hot Wheels fun is coming to Hot Wheels Unleashed with the announcement of various DC IPs getting vehicles in the race

The news out the DC Fandome keeps pouring out with the news of some upcoming DLC for Hot Wheels Unleashed. As one could have guessed, Milestone is working on getting some of those heroes and villains into the game through some various vehicles and other elements in the background. Well, more on the villain's side of things with this DLC as it will add a few Hot Wheels into the mix for a few of them and not the characters directly. All when the DC Super-Villains Racing Season kicks off on November 11th. That is when you will be able to secure this part of the DLC if it is interesting you enough to do so.

While the villains might be getting a nice little showcase here soon in Hot Wheels Unleashed, which you can see below, there will be a few of the heroes in the mix too. At least a little down the line with some of the Bat-Family getting some Hot Wheels in the race and us getting the ability to build in the Batcave if we so choose to. To top that off, there will also be a new Joker Funhouse Splitter portion of track we will have to navigate and use as needed. Just one more threat out there for the racers to worry about as we zoom around with all of the nostalgia out there currently. You can see that little bit just a bit lower down or wait until December 2nd to add it into the mix.

Hot Wheels Unleashed — DC Super-Villains Racing Season

The countdown is about to begin. Discover the most adrenaline-pumping experience with Hot Wheels Unleashed — DC Super-Villains Racing Season available from November 11th for a limited time.

Hot Wheels Unleashed — Batman Expansion

Batman fans, this news is for you: the Hot Wheels Unleashed — Batman Expansion will be available on December 2nd. You'll go crazy with the new stories of Gotham City, with the Batcave, themed vehicles, and much more. Have a sneak peek.

Are you excited to add in a few more Hot Wheels to the race and are they based on characters you wanted? How many Easter Eggs do you think will be hidden in the DLC for the super fans to spot? Will you be exclusively building in the Batcave once it is available here or will that get tired just before the next DLC is announced? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking here and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more for Hot Wheels Unleashed, we will share it with you here. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more.