Stroll On Through The Districts Of Santo Ileso Within Saints Row

Saints Row

A new look at Saints Row is here with a showing of three of the big districts we will need to explore in Saints Row

If there is one thing the world of Saints Row is known for, it is the over-the-top aspects of characters and story. Those characters need places to play around and control in the game's world, and this is why we are back with Volition to take in the districts of the game and see what is out there. Well, at least for three of the big ones as we need something to save for when Saints Row launches out there. It does not mean that we will not have a quick look and see how this new world will be bigger and vaster than we have had before along with their new factions of characters. Even if some of them do feel like they are flowing right into the stereotypes that have always been out there for the game before. This is a good thing before you try to go down a different path.

Here we have the latest video for Saints Row to show us the Lakeshore, Rancho Provedencia, and Monte Vista locations in the game. The first being an urban jungle of sorts, with it being more of a deep city for us to blow up. Then we have a look at more of the outskirts and industrial type of zone for the Los Panteros out there. The final is the yuppier and well-off location in Saints Row that houses a different type of faction by the way of The Idols. Each with their own look and feel and most likely levels of eccentricities as the games have always held. It makes me curious to see how the others will be handled here too, but that is a story for a whole different day. Have a quick look at these three factions and their locations now as we wait a bit longer for the game.

Saints Row — Districts Of Santo Ileso

A whole new world…

Bright lights, big city — we have the biggest and best Saints Row city yet, and it’s packed with things to do. Santo Ileso has a crime problem, and we can work with that. With varied districts, points of interest, and inhabitants just living their best (or worst) lives, it’s built for exploration. Your job to build a new criminal empire means you get to take control of these districts from Marshall, Los Panteros, and The Idols.

Their key territory is:

Rancho Provedencia — Los Panteros territory, home to the iconic old Scorpion factory where they work on their precious cars as well as other industries like the Panther Juice Hot Sauce factory.

Lakeshore is controlled by Marshall, practically owned by it — an urban jungle of skyscrapers and businesses, marked by Marshall’s iconic HQ building — you can’t miss it on the skyline.

Monte Vista is home to the rich and powerful — and also where the anarchist group The Idols hold their outrageous parties in gated homes, destroying rich people stuff is kind of their thing.

We can’t wait for you to explore the city, find the iconic landmarks, historical points of interest, shops, and tourist destinations. Keep it Strange in Santo Ileso!

Does this all feel completely new for the Saints Row IP or does it feel like some things are going to be recycled? Do you think that all of the different districts in the game will have different factions or are these just the bases of the big three we will have? Which one looks like it will be the most fun to mess with and take over for us? Give us all of that feedback down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to do so. We will keep the train rolling for Saints Row as more comes out for it. Just be sure to keep an eye on the site for all of that and everything else we will have to share moving forward.