Star-Lord Drops The First Single For Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy


The guardians will have some epic hair metal to help hype them along in the mix of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy soon

Before now, we all new that Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy was going to feature a different type of Star-Lord for us all to enjoy. This version being more of a musician in the mix of things instead of a person that just enjoys the classic recordings from a time long last. Eidos-Montréal has been very upfront about this for us all and made us a bit more excited to see the game launch on October 26th here. To add to that excitement, we get to see just what is going on for Star-Lord and how all of this different style of music will build into the fun of the Guardians out there. Well, as long as we enjoy the classic music video type of things from the 80s and 90s of the world.

Here we go with the first single in the Guardians game with Zero To Hero and how it all feeds back in with the Heavy Metal feel to it all. All while giving us a fun hair metal song that we will get to enjoy in the mix of the game too. It does beg the question on when Star-Lord would have had a chance to put all of this together with it being his band, but I am sure he could find time to slip away from the Guardians and all that they do to create all of this. Although it is curious to see that no one in the real or cartoon band have any resemblance to the character we will have controlling and commanding in the actual game. All just a fun bit of marketing and a way to get further excited for the game, I guess.

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy — Star-Lord Band — Zero To Hero

Straight from a VHS tape, watch the music video for the Star-Lord band’s single Zero To Hero, from the video game Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy — Zero To Hero (Animated Music Video)

In Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, Peter Quill got this cosmic name from his favorite '80s rock band: Star-Lord. The music video for their hit single was long lost… until now. Straight from a VHS tape, this is the underground classic Zero to Hero by the Star-Lord band! 🤘

Were you expecting anything different for this or does it all fall in line with what you expected out of a Guardians title? Do you think it will be addressed on how Star-Lord can be part of this band while probably saving the galaxies out there? Is it odd to not see any of the other members involved at all here or will this have been a project from before that rolled out to fight for us all? Give us all of that feedback down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. We will share all that we can find for Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, so please keep checking back in for all of that and everything else that we can muster up for you.