A New Character Glides Onto The Scene For Vampire: The Masquerade — Swansong


The third playable vampire is here to take on the dark streets within the upcoming Vampire: The Masquerade — Swansong

The roster and clans of character for Vampire: The Masquerade — Swansong is ever growing even if the Masquerade would normally ask for this not to be the case. That is a fun little World Of Darkness joke and not something that seems to be the case in this title from Big Bad Wolf that is still coming. In this title, we are going to have a few vampire characters to play with and explore the dark world as we need to. The latest being the character of Emem. One that likes to put on the role of the helpless victim only to turn the tables on their victim once it is too late for them. Not a bad call when you need to suck the blood of the living to keep wandering about and investigating the city. You can also see that Emem has it down to a science here too.

Beyond all of that, and the following trailer, we are not given much more on this vampire in the game. If I did have to make a guess, Emem is one of the Toreador clan with the movement and grace that they are stereotyped with. Even if it is a bit odd in the gameplay portion to see Emem flying from location to location in the mix of it all. That is most likely to make for a better Narrative RPG video game instead of sticking to the hard Vampire: The Masquerade lore that has been out there for a long time now. I am just curious to see how we will be able to use some of the social skills of our characters in the game with that being a general focus for the tabletop version. Swansong seems more and more like it will be an investigation and exploration filled excursion more than that, though.

Vampire: The Masquerade — Swansong — Emem Character

Although she looks like a young woman with magnetic charm, Emem is actually 100 years old. A former jazz diva, she now belongs to the Toreador clan after having been transformed by Hilda, the love of her life.

Emem is one of the 3 playable characters whose intertwined stories will decide the fate of Boston in Vampire: The Masquerade — Swansong, coming in 2022 to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

What are your thoughts on this new vampire for Swansong and will they bring in more of the social aspect we have been looking for? Would you rather have a hyper-violent version to all of this or would you like to play the political game with all of this? Do you think that we will get some explanations for the way some of these powers work or will they be the video game-friendly versions to make for a better experience? Tell us all that you wish to and then discuss the game down in the comments. We will offer all that we can for Vampire: The Masquerade — Swansong as we get it all, so be sure to keep close to the site. I have a feeling we might be on the verge of getting some direct gameplay to take in and then dissect before launch.