Get Ready To Cross The Bridge With The Launch Of Kena: Bridge Of Spirits


The release for Kena: Bridge Of Spirits is upon us and we will need to take up arms and join Kena on this epic quest

Here we go with the amazing animation and style of Kena: Bridge Of Spirits hitting the PS4, PS5, and PC here. Well, more along the lines of hitting tomorrow for those reading now or on September 21st for those reading this in the future. Ember Lab has taken their time to make sure it lived up to all of the hype from the first showing and it looks like it is still holding up. Just one more basic sleep until Kena: Bridge Of Spirits launches up and for one last hype push for those still holding out on it all. That is why we have a new video to look at that gives us that gameplay and story that the game has been known for up to now.

There is a bit more to this announcement before you head on down to the new video for Kena. It will have the usual different modes in the mix with a Fidelity Mode that will run in native 4K at 30fps and then a Performance Mode that will run at upscaled 4K at 60fps. The usual for games like this coming out. There will also be a Photo Mode mixed in for Kena too that has been kept under wraps up to now. All so we can capture all of these fun shots and angles in the mix of the game to be able to share and try to capture the best thing. I know that is the jam for some gamers out there, so know that it will be in the mix with this one if you can pull yourself away from the amazing gameplay and story we will have here.

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits — Launch Trailer

Available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Epic Games Store!

Independent game development and animation studio, Ember Lab, will release its inaugural game Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Tuesday, (9/21) on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and the Epic Games Store. Since first being revealed during Sony’s June 2020 Future of Gaming PS5 event, this story-driven action-adventure has won over fans with its stunning visuals and endearing characters to become one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits seamlessly blends a compelling narrative with exploration, puzzle-solving, and fast-paced combat. This gorgeous, immersive adventure takes players on a journey of self-discovery as Kena restores balance to an ancient village in a once-thriving environment. Players take on the role of Kena, a young Spirit Guide on a quest to uncover the mysterious story surrounding the demise of the village. Using her staff and the help of her collection of tiny companions known as Rot, the player will disarm adversaries, unlock new skills, uncover secrets, and restore the beauty of the land.

Honored earlier this year as a Tribeca Festival “Official Selection”, Kena: Bridge Of Spirits was one of eight narrative games showcased for its storytelling. Kena: Bridge Of Spirits is available in both a Standard Digital Edition and a Deluxe Digital Edition, which includes the digital soundtrack, an in-game silver staff, and golden Rot skin exclusives. All PlayStation editions include both PS5 and PS4 digital versions of the game.

Those playing Kena on the PS5 have access to several exclusive features including full support for PlayStation Activities with more than 200 Game Help videos to increase the game’s accessibility. PS5 players also will have the option to play in “Fidelity Mode,” locked at a framerate of 30 fps with native 4k resolution for a more cinematic experience, or the PS5 version’s default “Performance Mode”, targeting 60 fps and upscaled 4K resolution to prioritize gameplay. PC players will also be happy to hear that Kena: Bridge Of Spirits has DirectX 12 support.

Another feature Ember Lab has been keeping under wraps that is sure to be popular thanks to Kena’s adorable Rot companions is Photo Mode, which brings more fun aspects to the gameplay. In Photo Mode, players can pause the action to stage the game’s characters — including the Rot with the wardrobe of optional hats, then resume the action to bring them to life.

Have you been waiting for Kena: Bridge Of Spirits to launch out there for a while or was this a reminder that you needed here? Will you be using the Photo Mode in the game or will you be skipping the feature for the rest of the title out there? Do you think we could see the game hit the other systems out there over time or will it be limited to those listed here forever? Give us all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is anything more to share for Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, know we will have it all on the site. Just keep coming back to see all of that and much more.