Introduce Yourself To Story Of The World Of Forspoken


There is more to the story for Forspoken as the world expands beyond Earth and into the Athia of Forspoken

The world of Forspoken is growing with each new video we are offered up and now we get to see just how Frey gets placed into the situation she finds herself in. Well, at least part of the story to get us hyped up before the big Spring of 2022 release on the PC and PS5. There is still a whole lot of time for more to come out for us, but we have the first real taste to the story we are going to get in Forspoken right now. Especially since it looks like all we have is a fish out of water story that turns into a lone hero saves the world thing. A story that we have played numerous times before. That is why I suspect there is something deeper going on with it all for now. Potentially…

Moving along, it does seem like there is more to Frey in Forspoken that is let on so far. There is a large emphasis on the cat during the opening and then it goes away with little notice. Unless that is where the sentient bracelet comes from or some of the other wild beasts we have out there in the land as Frey aims to bring down the evil Tantas out there. That would be the big bad of the world. Although, it would be interesting to find out that the whole of Forspoken is taking place in Frey's mind and this is a personal fight over good and evil with some mental illness awareness in the mix. That might be a bit much to hope for and we will just have a nice fantasy story to play along with instead.

Forspoken — Story Introduction

Forspoken arrives in Spring 2022 on PlayStation 5 and PC.

Mysteriously transported from New York City, Frey Holland finds herself trapped in the beautiful and cruel land of Athia with a magical, sentient bracelet wrapped around her arm. Her new, cynical companion “Cuff” helps Frey navigate through the sprawling landscapes of Athia.

In search of a way home, Frey will battle monstrous creatures, confront the powerful Tantas, and uncover secrets that awaken something much more from within.

Do you think there is more going on for the story of Forspoken than we have here or will it be a by-the-numbers sort of story? Do you think that the cat will play any kind of role beyond grounding Frey in the real world as we see? Would it be interesting to see the concept in the story flipped on us or do you want this form of tale to play through one more time? Give us those thoughts and theories down in the comments and then feel free to let the discussion flow. There will be more for Forspoken, and as it comes, we will share it here with you. Please keep an eye on the site to see and hear all of that in due time.