Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Is Swinging Towards Us With New Villains In The Mix


The next Spider-Man title is coming with the announcement of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 with a few new twists coming at us in the mix

It should be almost no surprise that we are going to be getting a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launched out there. The first and side title did so well that it would have been odd for Insomniac Games wanted to skip on it after all of the teases at the end of them. We have the official announcement for it all for the PS5 and coming to us in 2023. Yes, it will be a bit of a wait, but we will see Spider-Man swinging out there again and with a new list of villains trying to bring Peter and Miles down. That is at least the vibe that the cinematic trailer we have for the game offers up. Not to mention the fact that it looks like Venom will finally be in the mix and then maybe some other symbiotes too.

While there is not much more revealed for this new Spider-Man title directly beyond that, there are a few things we can assume from the trailer here. Like the fact that it sounds like we will have Kraven in the mix of it all by the main voice speaking here. It fits the way that the character has been depicted in all of the past versions of the character. It makes the next best reason to who might be hunting down Spider-Man and bringing all of the others into the mix. I know I would rather it be Carnage coming out there at everyone, but I have a feeling that could be too dark given that they are also working on Wolverine too. Thankfully, it does look like we might have more of the Sinister Six in the mix again too but that could just be some of the flashbacks with the whole thing. We will just have to wait and see.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 — Reveal

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the next game in PlayStation’s critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation for the PS5 console.

Did you ever think that we would not see a new Spider-Man title from the team here or was it just a matter of time for it all? Do you think this will have Kraven as the main villain or will that be a misdirect as the last game tried to do? What other villains or enemies do you think we will see in the game and will it go back to some of the other roots of the character? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. When there is more for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, know that we will have it all here for you. Just keep an eye on the site and our socials to keep up to date on all of that and much more.