Pinhead Is Roaming Closer To The World Of Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight has its first look at Pinhead from the Hellraiser series that will soon be coming to Dead By Daylight

The tease was out there before and now we get to see about of Pinhead in Dead By Daylight fresh out of gamescom this year. Not in a massive way at all, but in much more than the TV flashes that Behaviour gave us all leading into the event here. I know as a horror fan, I will take it and then try to run with it. Especially since it looks like he will be bringing the pain to Dead By Daylight sometime in September but no solid date on that as of yet. It could be right around the corner or well into the month, but we will most likely not get the full confirmation until Pinhead is ready to come out and slice all of the survivors up with those chains and hooks.

Now that we know and can see a bit more, it is time to be let down a bit until he is fully ready to join Dead By Daylight, as it is a short clip that shows off the look and very little of his power. Mostly what will happen when he catches up to one of those survivors out there and how the death will be slow and brutal. It could also be how it is cut for the trailer here and not how it will be in the final game. It does seem like a whole lot of build-up to the death and the other survivors would be able to take some great advantage to it all if it is. Maybe there is something else in his toolbox that will let him be worth the time in Dead By Daylight that we are just not getting to see here.

Dead By Daylight — Hellraiser Pinhead Reveal

Get a quick tease of Pinhead from Hellraiser coming to Dead By Daylight in September 2021.

Do you like the look that we have for Pinhead here for Dead By Daylight or were you looking for something a bit different? Do you think it will all flow a lot faster or will he be one of the slow but strong killers in the game that the survivors will have to deal with? Who do you think will be the guest survivor in this batch here or will it just be the killer we have in the mix? Let everyone out there know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If we have anything more for Dead By Daylight, we will share it all here. Please check back for all of that and much more as we go on into the future here.