The Blair Witch Is Now Out There Stalking Our VR Headsets

Blair Witch

The Blair Witch VR Edition is now out there and we can see how Blair Witch could feel while playing on the PSVR

Put on your headgear, head out to the Black Hills Forest, and get ready to take on the Blair Witch in VR, as the game is now out there with this edition to experience out there. On both the traditional PC VR headsets and the PSVR for those looking to get in on the game with their PS4 or PS5 too. Bloober Team has done a great job to bring us all more of the Blair Witch story in a fun and dark way, and here we go with one more way to experience it all and go further into the horrors that are out there for the IP. Only made worse for those scaredy-cats that are going to try to place themselves in the mix virtually instead of with the less immersive settings we have had for the game since it first launched out there. There is only a little shame in that.

This is not going to be just a normal run through what we had for Blair Witch already, as a reminder. Things have been altered to not only fit the new gameplay features for the VR setting but also accommodate the new enemies and other gestures we will physically be making in the real world while trying to navigate the virtual one here. That and it looks like they have gone fully in on letting us pet Bullet as much as we want in Blair Witch, so this might turn into a dog petting simulation for many of those aforementioned scaredy-cats out there. That is part of why Bullet is in the game besides alerting us to some of the dark things going on to watch out for. Now if only I could get someone to offer the real-world immersion that we see in the following trailer too.

Blair Witch VR Edition — Live Action Launch

What starts as an ordinary investigation soon turns into an endless nightmare… Are there any Playstation fans here? The PSVR version is now joining the Blair Witch family. Put on your PSVR headset and face the terror lurking in Black Hills Forest.

Blair Witch VR Edition is a brand new version of the Blair Witch story, built specifically for the VR experience. Environments have been redesigned for more interactivity and to accommodate new creature encounters. A new control system and mechanics for your companion dog such as petting, and fetching gestures help immerse players in the Blair Witch story. Yes, you can now pet the dog!

Blair Witch VR for PSVR and Steam VR — Available now!

Will you be playing through Blair Witch again in the VR setting or will that be too much immersion for the IP here? Do you think there will be more people standing around petting Bullet over playing the game or will there be some kind of backlash in-game for doing this? What would you do if you took off the headset and found bloody handprints all over your play space? Let everyone out there know your thoughts on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is anything further to share for Blair Witch, know we will have it all here. Just be sure to keep an eye on the site for all of that and the various other titles we have to offer up.