Aragami 2 Shows Us The Story Of The Upcoming Protagonist’s Perils


A new story trailer for Aragami 2 is out now to give us a bit more story to the legend of the Aragami that is coming

It looks like we are getting much more story for the IP with Aragami 2 than we have had before and now we have a small taste to give us more. Just a taste and nothing that should spoil anything that Lince Works has ready for us on September 17th. At least from what we can see here in the latest trailer for Aragami 2 that we have to share here. This story is taking place quite a bit down the line from the last game, so there should be something truly new and does not need to flow the same as we saw. That is if the team wanted to make any real changes to the narrative that has been set thus far out there. Thankfully, we do not have a long time to wait to get to take it all in and experience here.

Now that we know that Aragami 2 takes place so far ahead, now we get to see how the clan and people have been enslaved over the years. Something that we will need to be able to set out there to free them from and try to solve the bigger problem that we all have out there. It looks like their condition is now a disease and not fully a supernatural addition to life out there. Maybe I am remembering Aragami differently than before, but it seems a bit off to me. Unless this is just how the legends have shifted over the long time and the propaganda from the slavers out there too. We will see for certain here shortly, and I know I am getting excited to jump back into the shadows out there.

Aragami 2 — Story

Our time has come. The time of the Kurotsuba clan.

Aragami 2 story trailer introduces the main protagonist and pulls players into the intense conflict that sets the stage for this ambitious sequel. Aragami 2 will launch on September 17th, 2021 on PC, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Do you remember the story from Aragami as I do or does all of this seem to flow perfectly for you here? Will we be able to save everyone out there or will we find out that there is something vastly different going on for the world here instead? Will this all be a shift to the actual lore of it all or is this just how things normally shift over the long time as stories naturally do? Give us all of those thoughts and feedback down in the comments with all of the discussion that could come. If there is more to share for Aragami 2, know that we will have it all here for you. Just be sure to keep a close eye on the site for all of that and everything else that is going to be out there.