Violent Fur ball Of Death

Just in time for the motion picture release we will see the game based on the new Marvel film. But little has been seen on this new game, pretty much about the same as the film short of trailers and such. But it would seem that is coming to an end to get gamers and those who love movie adaptations of games all pumped and rearing to drop a few dollars on Wolverine. Should it be a big surprise?

Well the surprise here is that it looks really nice. Really really nice. I mean at first I thought they just clipped in portions of the film as a cut scene, but nope, that is all game footage there. Which is a little shocking because usually there is little effort placed on movie based games. They are just made for a buck. Just take a look at the video below and tell me you are not at least a little interested in this game. At least if you are a huge fan of all things Marvel.