Enter The Gateway Between Worlds

For those of you that got excited a month or so ago when you saw the game play footage or even just Heard of Dark Void, then here is a bit more for you to get all sloppy downstairs about. Well somewhat at least. I tried to find easter eggs anywhere on the site, but there was nothing I could find.

No there isn't any more news about this game or really any further details that haven't already been released out there for you, but you can surf to the game's official website and check out the new trailer for this game. When you are done with that, you can also sign up for updates to be sent to you when they have more. But then you wouldn't get to read my fun words about any further updates. So it could be an even trade or a downgrade for you.

For those of you that hate surfing anywhere other than pwned though, here is the trailer that you can see by going to the site. Below that for those who do go other places outside of pwned is the link to the site.

Check It Out