Escape From Naraka Shows Off Its RTX Capabilities

Escape From Naraka

Escape From Naraka will leverage the power of the DLSS with a bit more gameplay to enjoy for Escape From Naraka

In just a week, we will have a chance to dive in and start running around in the world of Escape From Naraka. July 29th is the day that it will hit the PC and it has been shaping up fairly well since it was first announced. Now we get to see how much further XeloGames has been pushing things with a look at how the power of the NVidia DLSS will help Escape From Naraka with the visuals and how smooth things could go out there. For those out there that are able to use that power or have been lucky to score one in the recent shortages. That is still the issue that we can have when we want to get these amazing looks for our video games here.

If you are still curious or will be able to run Escape From Naraka with all the hardware, here we go with how the Global Illumination, Ray-Tracing, and shadow effects will kick in for the game as we run around these environments here. They do look like things are kicking it up a bit for Escape From Naraka but we are still limited to the textures and models in the mix that might not be able to hold up to the power offered. Not in a bad way, but in a way that does not seem to blend together very well here. It stands out much more with the hands of our character here but it is an amazing blending when it comes to the statues and other elements in the world here. Have a good look and see what we are talking about just below.

Escape From Naraka — RTX Reveal

Get a first look at the amazing effects of ray tracing in Escape From Naraka, enhanced with ray-traced reflections, shadows, and performance-accelerating NVIDIA DLSS.

Escape From Naraka is a unique first-person action-platformer with exotic Balinese themes inspired by local mythologies and legends. Master the art of dodging and timing with the power of NVIDIA DLSS and take your visual experience to the next level with ray tracing enabled.

Coming Soon — July 29th

Were you expecting to see Escape From Naraka have these upgrades or did you think it was going to be something that stayed with the basics? Do you agree with the look of the textures and models with the RTX abilities or will it be something we can ignore in practice? Does any of this matter for you and you will just be able to enjoy the gameplay more than the visuals of it all? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish. If there is more for Escape From Naraka, it will certainly be up on the site for you. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and much, much more.