Get Ready For Anything In The Story For Psychonauts 2


We will see where the Psychonauts story begins and ends with the latest story trailer for Psychonauts 2 to port into our brains

It is time for a little more story for Psychonauts 2, as if we have not had enough already leading up to August 25th already. I am sure there is a lot more that Double Fine is going to mix in based on what they have done for this IP already, but we are back once more with a bit more story to take in. You have to love that when it could also just be fun to get some solid gameplay mechanics and other tidbits for Psychonauts 2 instead. Beggars cannot be choosers and we will just have to enjoy more on the organization and Raz's addition to it all with his family again. That does look like it could be a larger focus than many have thought thus far…

The story does seem to unfold a bit more of the main antagonist of Psychonauts 2 with the threat of Maligula looming again as the other threats try to work to that end goal. There is also a bit more of a look at the headquarters we will be placed in during the game and the other mind palaces we will be diving into, even though it is Raz's first big day and not been on the beat all that long. That seems to be the usual case for these kinds of games, but Psychonauts did it well before and there are loads of faith it will happen again. I know many of those investors out there are hoping for it too with how it sparked off and went off the rails right from the start. No matter the case, have a look at the new trailer we have and see how the story is growing and branching out there.

Psychonauts 2 — Story Trailer

When Razputin Aquato, trained acrobat and powerful young psychic, finally realizes his dream of joining the Psychonauts… he finds not all is well with the once-renowned spy organization. Their leader is comatose and a mole lurks within the ranks. That's to say nothing of the fanatical forces working to revive Maligula, a deceased psychic murderer! It's up to Raz to train his mind and unravel a tangle of plots that could very well purge the world into chaos.

Experience this grand story in Psychonauts 2! Out on August 25th! You can preorder today on the Microsoft Store/Xbox or on Steam — additional consoles (including PS4 and PS5 backward compatibility) and storefronts comings soon!

What do you think about the story that we are getting here for Psychonauts 2 and will it be something vastly different once we are behind the controls? Do you think this is only a very slight taste of what is out there and the juicier stuff will hit us in the face without warning? Were you one of the ones that got in on the game when it was looking for investment and will most likely be making a profit once it goes live? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to. We will keep the news and information flowing for Psychonauts 2 as we learn more. Please keep close to the site so you do not miss out on a single beat of it all.