Walk Along With Igor As A Tourist In Chernobylite


One more trailer for Chernobylite has dropped to give us all a little more insight into who Chernobylite’s Igor is

The PC launch is almost here for Chernobylite and I know there are still many out there that have little idea about the game and even the protagonist of it all. Some of you might not be following along with The Farm 51 as close as others, and now we are back to give you all one more look at the game before it hits the PC on July 28th. In fact, it will be one more good look at a bit on that protagonist for Chernobylite by the name of Igor. We will be following the adventures of this being, so we might as well get a nicer and deeper dive into the story surrounding them. Well, at least a deeper dive that will not spoil much in the way of the main story and events for us to experience here in a few weeks.

Okay, a deeper dive might be a bit of a stretch here for what we have here for Chernobylite, but it is a new look at some of the things the character will be experiencing along the journey. I have a feeling that the game itself will go a bit deeper into all of that more than any trailer could, but this at least gives us something more to see before the PC launch. Especially with some of the weirdness and hallucinations we will experience in Chernobylite. Most likely caused by some of the radiation poisoning we will have from being in the area. That will be my guess at the very least. It would help to explain it all with the real-world scans of the area making it into a video game for the first real-time. Thankfully, we do not have long to wait to put that theory to the test.

Chernobylite — Igor Story

The trailer sheds more light on Igor, Chernobylite’s main character, and the patch is the final update before the game’s full PC release (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store) on July 28, 2021.

The trailer delves into Igor’s interactions with the Black Stalker and leaves you with more questions than answers about the mysterious figure. Nothing in the Exclusion Zone is what it seems, not time, possibly not even your own intentions.

Were you expecting a bit more from Chernobylite at this point or are you glad we still have so much hidden in mystery? Do you think it will be all in Igor's head along the way or will this all be spawned from the unknowns of the radiation? Have you been keeping up on the game the whole time or was this the first time you have stumbled in on it here? Let everyone out there know what you are thinking and then discuss it all in the comments. For everything else that is to come for Chernobylite, be sure to keep checking in here. We will keep all of that coming at you as best as we can and beyond the launch of the full title.