Dreamscaper Will Be Waking Us Up A Little Sooner Than Thought


The release date has shifted for Dreamscaper to offer us all a way to get in on Dreamscaper just a bit sooner

It is always a weird thing to see but it is good news when a game's release date is shifted and bringing it to us sooner, which is the case for Dreamscaper that we have here. Originally, it was looking like Afterburner Studios was ready to drop it on the PC and Switch on August 12th, but now we are going to be seeing it on August 5th now. A whole week earlier for those looking for Dreamscaper and the roguelite experience that we will be getting. It may not be a huge change, but it is something for those looking to have the experience of it all. Just make sure to mark your calendars here so you know you will not miss it.

If you have missed out on Dreamscaper up to now, this is another roguelite that will take us into the dreams of Cassidy where we will need to survive the weirdness and horrors that could lay within. It is a nice little twist on the live, die, repeat aspect of it all as the story builds into the gameplay of it all too. Something that we do not always get done well and this is one of those titles that will be trying to do so. It will give us all some great reasons to keep those 200+ items and weapons along the way in Dreamscaper that we will be collecting and using to fight off all of these inner demons out there. Have a gander at the gameplay and see how it will be frantic and engaging at the same time. And now it will be out with less of a wait.

Dreamscaper — New Release Window

Dreamscaper, the surreal roguelite action RPG from publisher Freedom Games and developer Afterburner Studios, will awaken earlier than expected from its Steam Early Access slumber, launching for Nintendo Switch and PC on Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021. Previously announced for an Aug. 12 launch, version 1.0 introduces two new bosses, an additional nightmarish biome, expanded story content, and much more.

Dive into strange dream realms conjured by the subconscious mind of Cassidy, a young woman wrestling with her inner demons. Each night, Cassidy finds herself thrown into twisted dungeons inhabited by nightmarish creatures. To uncover the source of her lucid-dreaming loop, Cassidy pushes back against the darkness, wielding all manner of imaginative weaponry and psychic powers to attack, dodge, block, and blast through foes in frenetic hack-and-slack combat.

Outfit our heroine with an expansive arsenal of more than 200 unique items ranging from fiery bottle rockets and super-powered baseball bats to explosive finger guns with a myriad of modifiers and upgrades. Equip special abilities such as chain lightning and seismic blasts from an electric guitar to turn the tide of combat. Unlock new additions to Cassidy’s arsenal and skills by exploring dream dungeons and forging lasting bonds with NPCs during her waking hours.

Progress deeper into an ever-changing labyrinth that fuses Cassidy’s memories with her fears and anxieties. Spend the day preparing for nightly ordeals by visiting various locales around town and getting to know the neighbors. Spend time with pals to learn more about their lives, exchange gifts to deepen relationships, and access new powers and passive upgrades.

Dreamscaper’s full release includes all of the content from Steam Early Access and a host of all-new features. Face off against Regret and Resentment, imposing new bosses that haunt the deepest reaches of Cassidy’s psyche. Discover a warped version of Cassidy’s hometown that holds the key to her strange fate. Experiment across eight difficulty options with a dynamic slider to create the perfect level of challenge and complete the story to unlock multiple endings.

Have you been waiting for Dreamscaper to launch out there and is this the nice surprise that you have been hoping for? Do you like the change to the formula to better fit the story or will that be glossed over in the mix of it all? How many endings do you think you will be able to make it to in the game and will they feel as different from each other? Give us all of that feedback down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you wish. We will keep all of the information coming for Dreamscaper, so be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and more. Hopefully, we will have plenty to share before we get to this new release date.