Welcome Stranger!

Just in time to get all of us up to the most current goings on in the Resident Evil universe for the incoming launch of 5, the fifth video from Game Trailers is up for your viewing pleasure. All so you can get jazzed even more so, as if you were not already, for Resident Evil 5. This weeks video covers pretty much all things from Resident Evil 4 and all of the films that were made around the franchise. That does include the most recent CGI film that was pumped out not to long ago as well.

Just like the last four, this one has a bit of extra information that most might not have known. Like for starters, an early version of RE4 had Leon going after specters with large hooks on chains or being chased by a guy with big scissors. But the big one also ties back to the control system that I mentioned before. The fact that it is stilled as the best RE in the game line, it is where the control system that is being used was spawned. Which makes me question why it wasn't hammered so much. Did games like Gears of War and Resistance ruin the control system that everyone seemed to not have an issue with? Who knows? Just found it interesting.

One more fun fact before I shut up is that everyone, that includes Capcom, refuses to take the whole story of the live action films and place it securely into cannon of the game. Granted, some of it found it's way in through Umbrella Chronicles, but the only film they want anyone to take as full cannon is the CGI film that Capcom produced. So there ya go whiners about the films. They didn't mean it to be more than just good ol' zombie killing family fun. Now if only they would talk about the novels.