More Of The Story & Gameplay Are Here For Psychonauts 2


A deeper dive into Psychonauts 2 is here to give us a bit more on the story and gameplay we will experience in Psychonauts 2

Last week's update and trailer for Psychonauts 2 seems to not be the only big bits we had out of E3 there, as it looks like there was more hidden in some after shows. I am not sure why you would not come out with all of this information and detail during the main events of it all, but it does lead to us having more from Double Fine to talk about here and from the main developer at that. Tim Schafer is back here to tell us more of the gameplay and story for Psychonauts 2 that we might have missed before and also elaborate on a few other bits we only had hinted at all the way back in 2019. That would be the last time we had a chance to see the game in-person and it will most likely be August 25th until we have that option once again.

There is quite a bit of the basic we should know in Psychonauts so far, but it looks as if there will be a deeper dive into the Raz's family and some of the curse they all have. Something that is built into the gameplay a bit as we head out into the various brains of the game world to use some of the new and old abilities here. We will be bringing down Maligula once more and we will need to have a vast arsenal of things to do so with. Especially when we are heading out with some other Psychonauts characters from the past and using them to some kind of advantage. There is a nice little lore minute here for the IP mixed in so you can get a better feel for it all. It might be easier to just have a watch and see what is going on here.

Psychonauts 2 — Gameplay & Story Overview

Tim Schafer gives us a look at the story and gameplay for Psychonauts 2.

Have you been able to keep on everything for Psychonauts so far or was this an update you needed to get you up to speed once again? Do you like to see how lore gets worked into gameplay here or is it something that is not needed at all? Were you looking to see some vastly new villains in the mix of it all or do you want all of these past ones back and doing their thing? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. When there is anything further to offer up for Psychonauts 2, we will have it on the site for you. Just be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much more. We will try to get all of those sneaking videos out there for you as best that we can.