The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes Offers Up A New Look & Gameplay

House Of Ashes

The first look & gameplay for The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes is here to give us a look at new features coming with House Of Ashes

We have all waited patiently for the gameplay showing for The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes and now we are finally here to take a dive into it all. Many out there might be thinking that it will be pretty much the same as we have seen from Supermassive Games over the last few titles that have all been Choose Your Own Horror titles, but it looks like that might be a bit wrong for this one. They have been evolving the formula over time and giving players a bit more of what they want, and besides going to another modern setting this one might deliver more. In fact, House Of Ashes sounds like it will be deviating fairly far from the general formula we have had and in a great way. That is in my opinion at least for that.

There is a lot of build up here for House Of Ashes in the video, but some of the bigger things to take away are thus. The fact we are in 2003 Iraq and not only have to deal with the conflict there, but our team falls into the hidden caverns below that are filled with monsters. Then there is the fact that the game will be moving away from a fixed camera and giving us full camera control when moving about in the game's world. We will have access to our flashlight to do sweeps about, as it would be tough to see anything without that. Then we are also getting a new difficulty setting for House Of Ashes that will allow for us to do something to make the QTEs and selections harder. I am not sure how that will work, but it is in there. Along with the game modes we have had from before and the other features that have been working well. You can see all of this gameplay just below with bother versions of the game playing out so you can get a feel for why you might want to pre-order it all.

The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes — First Look & Gameplay Reveal

Join Will Doyle, Game Director at Supermassive Games, for your very first look at House Of Ashes, the third game of The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Are you kind of surprised that they are changing these core elements up for House Of Ashes or does it make more sense with the story and setting we have here? Does it sound weird to have a flashlight sweep or was that just how they were explaining the way we will be able to use the device a bit more than we have in the past? What other features would you like to see added into the IP here and will it start to have an upward trend after this title? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If we have more to offer up for The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes, you know we will share it all here. We might even do a deep dive into some of the past titles on our streams. Just be sure to keep an eye out for all of that and much more.