The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes Teases Us With A New Threat

House Of Ashes

A new teaser for The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes is out to give us a bit of a feel for House Of Ashes before a gameplay reveal

Here we go with a little more of a tease for The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes as we wait to get any real gameplay for the game. Sure, some of this could potentially be from some of the gameplay as Supermassive Games does like to use the engine and gameplay to make their videos but this is still a tease. A tease that shows off a bit of the horrors and tunnels we will be exploring in House Of Ashes as we further fill out the larger story of the anthology series here. This one still has us all focus on a team of soldiers in the Middle East instead of a bunch of random tweens doing the typical horror movie tropes. Although, we have had this style of horror in the past so this is not something totally new.

Speaking of not being anything new, we also get a taste of what will be stalking us in House Of Ashes. Well, more of an idea of it all with us seeing one of our soldiers getting stalked down these tunnels with the "creature" using some kind of echolocation to watch and follow. That is what it looks like here with the traditional style that we see for creatures that do that. That would make sense for it all here given that most beings that live in the dark like this would develop or have those kinds of senses out there. Even if it does seem a bit odd for that with House Of Ashes also being in some man-made areas underground. This would kind of point to the fact that these things are not natural at all. Maybe this time we will not have the same twist we have had in the past two installments and this will be something truly otherworldly…

The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes — Teaser

Buried deep underground, something unearthly awaits… The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes first gameplay reveal arrives May 27th @ 9 AM PT.

Does it make sense to give us a tease of some gameplay here to tell us the real deal is coming next week? Do you think that we will see some true horror in House Of Ashes with this or will it fall into the same pitfalls we have seen in the past "episodes?" Does it make sense to have something that stalks us with echolocation here or will that just be something to help visualize things in the darkness? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to. We will keep sharing all of the updates for The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes flowing out there for you, so keep checking in for all of that and much more out there.