Layers Of Fear VR Is Out To Haunt The Living On The PSVR Now

Layers Of Fear

The launch for Layers Of Fear VR is upon us for the PSVR and more of us can experience this new Layers Of Fear form to drive us all mad

The IP that caused so many nightmares before is finally back one more time with Layers Of Fear VR hitting the wilds out there on the PSVR. If you thought you could not handle what the game had to throw at you before, then get ready for Bloober Team to make you need to change your underpants a few times with this game. Those that may have played Layers Of Fear might remember some of those scares, but now we will have the chance to immerse ourselves further into it all and possibly give ourselves all of the nightmares that our protagonist had before going into it all. All as we try to paint the final masterpiece one more time while using the PS Move controllers and try to set the physical and musty mood in our own homes. I think that will be the only thing truly missing from all of this.

You may have seen a bit for Layers Of Fear VR before now or via those playing on the PC, but if you need to see a little more on how this will function with the other controller set you can look down below to see a new sizzle real on how that will work. I am a bit curious to see how it will actually work with the movement here since it does look like we will have hand movement but there are not sticks on the controllers to help with that. When we grab that wheelchair to push, are we just holding on for the ride or will we just be holding down the Move button to head forward in the direction we are currently looking? Given how fast things can shift in Layers Of Fear that is something that could make or break the whole experience if we have to muddle around too much. Thankfully, we do not have to wait long to full find out here.

Layers Of Fear VR — PSVR Launch

Turn on your PSVR and discover what awaits you. Uncover the nightmarish secret of a Victorian mansion, where sanity died and madness took over.

Layers Of Fear VR is a first-person horror game built on a rich, dark story. Explore an environment overflowing with macabre artwork and unravel secrets through twisted puzzles. Take control of a painter seeking to create his magnum opus… before losing his mind in the process. The psychological horror of Layers Of Fear will leave you questioning your own eyes and mind. Dare you help paint a true Masterpiece of fear?

Did Layers Of Fear haunt your dreams from before and the thought of going into VR for it has you running for the hills? Do you think the motion controls will work smoothly so we have very few issues along the way or will it be hard to navigate from the start of it all? Do you have musting things you will be hanging about your play space to get further into it all or will you try not to immerse yourself too far into it all to keep some sanity? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If there is more for Layers Of Fear VR, know it will be up on the site for you here. Just keep checking back for all of that and much, much more.