Get Ready To Watch The Showcase Coming For Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil

The Resident Evil showcase is about to air and you can join us in watching to see what new footage we will have for Resident Evil Village

The time is almost here for the Resident Evil showcase that we had teased last week and a few little bits from Capcom already, but in a short time from this posting we will have it all. All to help build some hype before May 7th and the release of Resident Evil Village but it sounds like there could be a few other things in the mix too. My guess is that there will be some things for the coming shows and film in addition to the hype of the upcoming bigger title. If you would like to stick around on the site until 3 pm, you will be able to join us in finding out just what they have been hiding this whole time. Also, maybe we will get some truly deeper dives into some of the new mechanics we have had teased since the last tease. Sometimes these kinds of build-ups are pointless if they would just share with us from the start what to expect.

In terms of a few things we might see for Resident Evil Village, I have a feeling there will be a focus on the upgrade system for the game to make Ethan a bit more powerful and survive a bit longer. Things like killing animals to make some meals to permanently increase some stats and then some of the ways we can use the in-game currency to expand our ammo and storage along the way. it also sounds like we might have a better explanation for those things everyone is calling "werewolves" for now. Something I have experienced firsthand and am fairly certain are not exactly that. It all has to link back to Umbrella and the science of it all somehow. I guess we can all find out by watching everything below and see just what we have for Resident Evil in the coming future.

Resident Evil Village — Showcase | April 2021

Tune in on April 15th 3pm PDT for the Resident Evil Showcase! Watch a new trailer and gameplay for Resident Evil Village, and much more Resident Evil news live as it happens.

Resident Evil Village, the eighth major installment in the survival horror franchise from Capcom is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia on May 7, 2021.

What are you hoping to see here in this Resident Evil showcase here? Do you think we will have a lot for the video game and less for the other projects or will it be one long commercial for it all? Are you glad to hear that we will have to micromanage a few different things along the way for Ethan or does it feel like the IP could be going through another evolution for the better? Give us all of that feedback below and then feel free to discuss it all before and after the showcase. We will keep everything for Resident Evil Village and the IP flowing out there as best as we can. All you need to do is keep checking back in. It will all be here and we hope it will keep you engaged with us all.