Returnal Has A Whole New Batch Of Hostiles Stalking The Lands Out There


Returnal will have a whole lot of creative hostiles in the world when Returnal launches here soon

There have been a few of the enemies shown over the last few videos for Returnal but none of them have truly felt like a big enemy that will halt us in our paths. Most of them have felt like the smaller minions of annoyances that will slow us down as we explore the world and story Housemarque has for us. With April 30th coming fast and our PS5s hungry for some new exclusive titles, it would be great to see that Returnal will house something much darker and horrifying for us to take on along the way. Hence why we are back with more to share for the game in the way of some of the bigger hostile threats we will see stalking us in the world. Here is where some of the true threats should be shining now.

In the following trailer, we are introduced to six of these hostile beings out there in Returnal as we explore the world of Atropos. All with different tactics and attack patterns, as we should have assumed, and all with a weird love of tentacles in the mix. It seems like this is how we make everything weird and creepy in video games and Returnal is diving into it with each of these having many of the squid-like appendages in the mix. Maybe there is a darker meaning to all of this and whatnot, but it is a theme and something we will have to wrestle with when the game finally launches out there. Take a look and see what I mean and maybe we will have others that do not rely on this as much as we see here and in other games out there.

Returnal — Hostiles

Meet the uniquely terrifying creatures that will test your survival abilities on Atropos.

Does this all line up with what you were expecting to see here for Returnal or did you want to see something different for these kinds of hostiles? Is it safe to assume these are going to be the bosses of the game and not just some bigger enemies of the ones we have seen already? Are you curious as to why video games tend to go with tentacle monsters for the bigger threats out there too? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If we scrounge up more for Returnal, we will certainly have it all here for you. Be sure to keep checking back for all of that and much more.