This Upcoming Exclusive Is Going To Make You Feel Very Abandoned


A new first-person survival game, Abandoned, has been announced to give us all a harrowing experience of being Abandoned

Get ready to be left alone out there in the world with the announcement of the upcoming Abandoned coming exclusively for the PS5 by the end of this year. That sounds a little odd to say, but this is the title of the coming title that Blue Box Game Studios has been working on to give us some new looks at the world and how we will use some new gaming features to give us all a deeper and more harrowing story to experience. Well, that is if all of the features we have announced for Abandoned pay off and add to this first-person survival shooter of a game. That is a whole lot to take in for this title but it could pay off with all of the hardware features the PS5 does offer the team to use out there.

In Abandoned, we will be playing as Jason who has been kidnapped and wakes in a strange forest. Kidnapped by some humans that have some dark purpose to things and we must not that all happen to Jason or ourselves. We will have to use stealth as well as real-world interactions in the game to be able to survive all of this. By interaction, I am talking that firing a weapon will be closer to the real-world side of it as well as the limitations of ammo and storage. All pointing to one of the DualSense mechanics listed for Abandoned that the triggers will feel different when firing a live shot and an empty chamber. I am going to guess that there will not be a HUD to let us know and this will be one of the mechanics to help us tell where we are at our current ammo count. Besides, you know, counting our shots.

Abandoned — Announcement

Hello everyone! I’m Hasan Kahraman from Blue Box Game Studios based in The Netherlands. The team and I are working on our new title, coming exclusively to PS5 this year and I can’t wait to show off some gameplay footage from the game in action. However, since the game is at an early development stage, I wanted to announce the game today and show off a little announcement teaser we made.

Abandoned is a cinematic, first-person horror survival shooter set in a highly detailed open world environment and favours a realistic approach to survival.

The story

The story is centered around Jason Longfield, who wakes up in a strange forest. Abandoned and not remembering how he got there, Jason soon finds out that he was kidnapped and brought there for a dark purpose. Fighting for his survival, his main goal is to escape.

Realistic character interaction.

We want to deliver a uniquely personal gameplay experience, one that feels realistic. Every event has an influence on your character. If Jason is out of breath after sprinting (or is afraid), his firing accuracy will suffer. Unlike action shooter titles, firing weapons in Abandoned will be realistically slow. You will need to be tactical in order to survive.

The development

Our studio is focused on crafting a cinematic style, first-person story. This is no fast-paced shooter in which you just run, aim and shoot. Abandoned requires you to hide and plan every shot before pulling the trigger. We want you to be nervous come each and every enemy encounter. To be aware that a wrong move can be the deciding factor between surviving a combat scenario or not.

Immersion through the DualSense wireless controller and 3D audio

We wanted to emphasize realism through user immersion. This would not be possible without the DualSense wireless controller. Players will feel each and every interaction during gameplay – such as being struck by a bullet. Pulling the trigger on a loaded or unloaded gun will feel different. Equally 3D audio will help shape your decisions and tactics, using the accurate positioning of gunshots out in the wilds to help decide your next move.

The power of PS5

Our team is still unraveling the power of PS5 but we’ve made amazing progress so far. The console allows us to process high-quality motion capture, all running at 60 FPS and rendered at a native 4K resolution. We#re making sure the environmental quality is as close to the real thing as possible. In all, the result is realistic graphics, smooth character animations, and minimal loading screens.

Announcement teaser and release window

While we don’t want to go through the full gameplay details just yet – a full gameplay video will be available soon! We couldn’t wait to give a glimpse of what to expect, so we hope you enjoy this sneak preview.

Abandoned will be available exclusively on PS5 Q4 2021.

What do you think about what we have here for Abandoned as we wait for true gameplay reveal for it all? Do you think having these real-world aspects will help the game or will it be a little more frustrating for those with the power fantasy in our games? Do you suspect we will also be able to feel the crunch of the snow and twigs in the game along with the damage we are dealt? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you may wish to. We will keep an eye on Abandoned and bring you everything that we can as it arises. This one does look like it could have some massive potential to be a sleeper hit if everything is done perfectly.