Where The Heart Leads Gets A Physical Form At Release Too Now

Where The Heart Leads

A physical edition for Where The Heart Leads is coming to us too and all this coming July for those looking to join in

In July of last year, we brought you all the announcement for Where The Heart Leads and the interesting look that the game had going for it. Things have been developing fairly well for the game and we had Armature Studio tell us that we could see it this coming July. Now, we have the announcement that there will be a physical edition of Where The Heart Leads for the PS4 on July 13th when the digital version drops too. All the releases and giving us this interesting story to experience when all is said and done. Get your wallets ready to drop the cash on it all.

In terms of what will be coming in this physical version of Where The Heart Leads, there is no real definition besides the game itself so far. There is mention that there will be some exclusive physical and digital items included into it all, but not even the mention of a special case at the very least. So, this is just good news for those that enjoy picking up their games in a physical form and want to actually play Where The Heart Leads when it drops. Have a look at the latest gameplay we have for this announcement and then keep your eyes set toward July to be able to get into all of this then.

Where The Heart Leads — PS4

Where The Heart Leads — Physical PS4 Release — July 13th 2021.

The Physical Version promises to be a very Special Edition with a variety of exclusive physical and digital content. We are working with Armature Studio on some very exciting ideas and we think you will love them.

Have you been keeping up on Where The Heart Leads since it was first announced or did it fade away since then? Do you think we will have a whole lot of items mixed in or will it be something that just gives us a case to enjoy for the game? Will you still go with the digital version of the game instead given the current state of the markets out there? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If we have more to share for Where The Heart Leads, we will share it all here. Keep checking back in for all of that and much more.