Minute Of Islands Is Launching Out The This Coming March

Minute Of Islands

Minute Of Islands has its release date set down and we will see Minute Of Islands hit its platforms this coming March now

Here we go with another release date out there for another game and this one is for Minute Of Islands on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Switch. This might now be the biggest of titles that you might have been looking for but it is the next big one from Studio Fizbin. A fun little narrative puzzle-platform title that uses a fun art style to bring it all to life. This is an indie developed title, so you will be excused for not hear or know about Minute Of Islands before now. Thankfully for many out there, March 18th will be when you can get the full game out there.

If you cannot wait that long to have a taste of Minute Of Islands before the launch, there is a demo for the game out there to experience right now. That is for the PC gamers over the console gamers, but it is something that we can do right now. All so we can explore a little bit of the strange island that is out there in Minute Of Islands. You can have a slight feel for all of this in the following trailer that gives us the release date but a little of the platforming. The bigger thing for me was the fun art that seems to mimic some of my favorite cartoons out there. It is what caught my eye in the first place.

Minute Of Islands — Release Date Announcement

Minute Of Islands by Studio Fizbin is coming for PC, Mac, and consoles on March 18, 2021.

Explore strange and wonderful islands and dark labyrinths below in this narrative puzzle platformer. Guide young mechanic Mo on her quest to repair a world on the brink of collapse. The powerful Omni Switch at your disposal may not be enough to fix the damage that hides beneath the surface…

Did you hear about Minute Of Islands before now or was this the first time you heard about it all? What do you think about the art style that we are going to have in the game here? Do you think that we will get a basic platforming title in the mix here or will there be some amazing changes to the formula to keep us all engaged? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If there is more for Minute Of Islands, we will try to bring it all to you as best as we can. Be sure to keep checking back for all of this and much more.