Interpoint Offers Us Up To Test Out Some New Things In The World


New gameplay for Interpoint is out there with the game taking on a more final form with the different levels of access to Interpoint

The latest update for Interpoint is here and many out there may have had a chance to start the dive into episodes 1 to 3 on their PC if they wanted to. Some of us might be waiting for the full release and others taking full use of the Early Access stage the game is still in. Others might be waiting for the console release too. No matter the case, this all means we have some new gameplay to look at and enjoy for Interpoint after the latest update has made it out there. That and see some of the other aspects of the game that might feel new for those just catching up on all of this. No matter the case, we have some new gameplay to draw us back in for the game.

All of this offers up a fun feel of some other amazing titles we have seen before Interpoint but with the new lens on it all for now. I do not want to call out the influences I am seeing here directly to better let this smaller team shine, but if you have been playing games for a while now you should be able to spot things. I am still insanely excited to see how this all works out for Interpoint and with this, I am a bit torn on if I want to wait or dive right into it all right now just to see what is going on here. Have a look and see if it is going to get you to throw down in the Early Access after it is all wrapped today.

Interpoint — Gameplay

Over the past 1.5 years, our three-person team has reimagined every part of the game and re-created it. We redesigned all levels, many aspects of the gameplay, puzzles, change the visual style and effects, and most of the plot to make Interpoint better and more interesting. Thank you for believing in us!

Are you enjoying how Interpoint has been evolving thus far or do you think it might get shuffled away in the mix of other titles? Do you see some of the fun other IPs that look like they have inspired or have I been in this business too long that I see everything as an influence? How long do you suspect that console gamers will have to wait until they get a chance to give this title a go? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If there is more to share for Interpoint, we will certainly have it all here. Please keep checking back in for all of that and much more as we carry on.