We Will Have A Lot Of Control With The PC Version Of Outriders


A new spec video for Outriders shows off all of the features and options we can use to make Outriders play amazing

We may have to wait a bit longer for Outriders to drop out there, but it looks like it will be fully worth the wait. More so for those looking to experience the game on their PCs instead of the various consoles we will see it on this April 1st. Not that there was much worry on that as People Can Fly has generally been able to deliver some amazing experiences for us and Outriders looks to be adding to that list. If you had any doubts, though, we have a new breakdown of everything that the PC version will allow us to control for all of the visuals and controls we can expect out there. It would be very weird if we did not get all of the usual options we see in these kinds of games.

As was to be expected for Outriders, it looks like we will have all of the visual options for all of the gaming rig types that might be out there over the last decade or so. Obviously, we will need something better to run the game at its best quality but we will also be able to modify pretty much every visual option to make it work the best for our systems. This also goes over to the audio and control schemes for Outriders too. Obviously, everything will be able to be mapped to a keyboard and mouse, but also for PC gamers to use all of the standard controls from the consoles that the game is launching on too. Except maybe the PS5 given that the drivers are still in a beta setting. Have a look and get the finer details below, but that would be the basics we all need to know.

Outriders — PC Spotlight & Details

We know many PC fans have been waiting to find out what the PC specs for Outriders are, and finally, we’re able to share the official system requirements for PC players, along with confirmation of PC specific features.

Outriders features an extensive suite of advanced display options for players to tweak their setup to get the most out of their PC, along with support for 13 languages, UI customization options, full cross-play across all platforms, ultra-widescreen support, Dynamic Resolution Scaling to ensure performance stays solid, and full NVIDIA DLSS support.

The People Can Fly team has worked hard to ensure a consistent frame rate regardless of PC capabilities, and our hardware requirements are geared towards ensuring players will always be enjoying buttery smooth 60fps on PC.

Play the Outriders demo on February 25, 2021, available free for everyone on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Outriders will release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC on April 1st, 2021, and Google Stadia later in 2021.

Are you surprised at all with all of this for Outriders on the PC or is it expected here? Do you think we might be able to get the PS5 controller to work on the PC version here or will that be a future update out there? How well will you be able to run the game in its current form and will it be close to the maximum setting that it sounds possible to have? Give us all of that feedback down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. When there is more to share for Outriders, we will have it on the site for you. Be sure to keep checking in for all of that and everything else we will have to offer up.