Returnal Will Be Harnessing Some Of The New Hardware Features


The next HouseCast for Returnal is here and the team shows off new gameplay for Returnal as well as how the controls will add in

The developer interviews and podcasts for Returnal keep on flowing, as the third one is out there for us all to enjoy. Enjoy and also look for a few more interesting things that Housemarque are putting into the game besides going from 2D to 3D with the development process as well. That and a little more of the Returnal gameplay mixed in for us to see how crazy the world could be when the game hits the PS5 this year. It is colorful and it looks like the team is putting their pedigree on the line to try to bring us something new for the next-gen hardware. Something that they heavily touch on in the video here.

Besides all of the graphical possibilities for Returnal, it looks like the team is looking to use some of the controller hardware to help flesh out the game and control scheme a bit more. Specifically the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. A feature I have only seen truly highlighted in two games so far and it was only to make triggers feel like the real thing. In Returnal, it looks like the default option will be to have different firing mechanics with a half-press to bring us into aiming mode and pulling the trigger all of the ways to give us the alt-fire on the gun. Something that looks like it could make gaming a bit more of a smoother ride if it functions as expected. Of course, for all of those who want to stay in the past, all of the controls will be changeable so you can ignore all of the cool new stuff to go back to your old archaic stuff.

Returnal — HouseCast - Ep.3 Action!

Uncover the process of translating the Housemarque explosive action into 3D and how to stay true to our motto "Gameplay First"

Are you excited to see that Returnal is going to try something new here or will you be a stick in the mud with your classic controls? How smooth do you think this could make swapping between firing modes in this game and others? Do you think we will have another small hit in our hands here with this one or will it be a one-off and not much else? Let us have all of that feedback down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more to share for Returnal, it will be on the site for you. Please keep checking in for all of that and more.