Some Major Story Updates Are Coming Soon For Interpoint


The development for Interpoint continues with the promise of major story updates coming to Interpoint this month

Getting more story in some of our video games is always a good thing in my book and it looks like the next major update for Interpoint is going to bring that along. That is based on the most recent text update we have for the game to share as it only defines them as Episode 1-3 and that it will be coming some time this month. Things do seem a bit vague, but given that this is a year and a half worth of work toward Interpoint becoming a final form game, it is a nice thing to hear and see. It has been in Early Access for a bit and there can be a limit to the puzzles and horror some of us can take.

Sadly, you now know as much as we do as the latest video we have for Interpoint does not truly offer up what these updates will entail. It is just that they are coming and this could be a great thing for those that like to go into their titles as blind as possible. It is why having an Early Access that is based around story never seems to be a great idea for me. Hammer out the mechanics and gameplay loop and then shock everyone with the narrative. Hearing all of this, I think I might just start dabbling my toes into Interpoint in preparation for the release and next major update.

Interpoint — Ep. 1-3 Coming January 2021

We are working on a major story update (Episodes 1-3), which will be released in January 2021.

Interpoint is a puzzle game with elements of horror. Travel through parallel worlds with Photon Gun and find out what really happened in the Delta Laboratories!

Have you given Interpoint a chance as of yet or is this the first time hearing about the game? Do you also hate when the story is spoiled out there during an Early Access or can it be done correctly? Do you think that this major update could draw more attention to the game or will it drive more away to stay away from any potential spoilers? Let us have all of those thoughts and feelings down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more for Interpoint, we will try to share it here. Pay attention to the site and our socials to make sure you do not miss the updates.