Hitman 3 Welcomes Us All To Dartmoor To Solve A Murder


Another location in Hitman 3 is here to give us a murder mystery while we go about our own murder in the Hitman IP

Here we go with even more gameplay for Hitman 3 this week and with it comes a new location and setting for us to go through. Sure, it takes away a bit of the surprise when we play it all the first time but it does show off how IO Interactive is trying to build out the world and give us some variants to the style yet again. This time it is the location Dartmoor and it looks like there is a bit of a twist. A murder mystery is going on and one of the opportunities we can take is to roll in as the investigator to take out the target. All so we can get more murder in our Hitman games than before. Maybe that is the thing we need here.

The trailer here does make it seem like it is a deeper story for us to partake in within Hitman 3, but it really boils down to us using it as an access point. It definitely gives off a solid Knives Out feel to it all, but it is a way to into the target that happens to be the one that hired us to solve what is going on. I also have a feeling that there will be a chance to take out the target and blame whoever was the original killer. It sounds like a bit of a weird thing to have in a Hitman game, but I will give it all a chance no matter the case. Especially when the rest of the gameplay we have to share follows what we have seen over the years yet again.

Hitman 3 — Dartmoor Reveal

Hitman 3 — Gameplay

Do you get the same feeling for this mission in Hitman 3 or will it still flow the way all of the other missions will go? Do you expect to have the opportunity to out the killer to cover our tracks or will it come down to the target being the killer? Will we be able to see more of these mix-ups in other missions or will this be them testing the water for now? Let us have all of that feedback down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. I am sure we will see more for Hitman 3 and we will share it here when it is out there. Keep checking in for more of that and everything else out there.