Super Nintendo World Shows Off Even More Of The Upcoming Park


A new video for the upcoming Super Nintendo World gives us more to look at and expect to come for all things Nintendo

The world is still in chaos, but we still have the opening of the Super Nintendo World in Japan to look forward to on February 4th. That is, as long as things do not get to out of control and Universal Parks will still be able to let patrons in. It may not be huge on your radar if you do not live in the country, but we have a little more to look at and understand for the Super Nintendo World before the gates open. Even if it is a little more and it could help you decide where to go once it can be done safely again. Whenever that may be.

What we get to see here, and more over on the official website for Super Nintendo World, is that we will have two specific rides to enjoy, a few experiences, and many photo opportunities to have when not spending money in the shops and restaurants. We know there was going to be a Mario Kart AR ride, but it looks like we have a gondola style ride based around Yoshi that will show off the park from above. Something that will be a short five-minute experience for those looking to take a break. My guess is that they are going to focus more on the outside experiences as the Wizarding World normally is instead of giving us something grander to experience. Have a look and a fly-over view of the park before thinking about dropping the $75 USD it looks like single-day tickets will be.

Super Nintendo World Is Born!

Get a peek at Super Nintendo World in this trailer for the Nintendo Theme Park area which opens at Universal Studios Japan on February 4, 2021.

Super Nintendo World will feature Mario Kart and Yoshi-themed rides and attractions, as well as restaurants, shops, and more.

Are you excited to see what the Super Nintendo World has to offer up or will it be a side adventure for those who just end up being nearby when this one and the others open? Would you want to see more rides in the area than we have or will the experiences be the better focus for us all? Do you have hopes that the opening will not be delayed because of the real world or will that be just a pipedream still? Let us have all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If there is more about the Super Nintendo World or to offer, we will have it here. Please keep an eye on the site for all of that and more.