Things Are Getting A Little Darker For The Callisto Protocol

Callisto Protocol

A new version of The Callisto Protocol announcement is here to show how graphic The Callisto Protocol might be going

Earlier in the week, we had the announcement for The Callisto Protocol and a fun new cinematic trailer out there. It is a new horror title coming out from Striking Distance Studios and Krafton for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2022. That means we did not have much to go on for The Callisto Protocol as of yet with it being so early in development. Given how the industry is, we have something new to see for the game this quickly after the original announcement. It is…a new version of the trailer we have already seen. Not too impressive, but hear us out and have a look at what we have to share too.

What we have here is a new Red Band trailer for The Callisto Protocol that offers up just a little more to the cinematics we did not see before because it was deemed too graphic. A whole thirty-second more of footage that shows us how dark the themes of the game may go to and how the creatures we will have to face will be propagating. Personally, I am not seeing anything that would have deemed a fully new version of this trailer, but it does look like The Callisto Protocol will be a hard M-rated game with the creatures forcing their parasites down the throats of the others out there. Have a look at it and see how dark things might be going here.

The Callisto Protocol — Red Band Cinematic Trailer

Striking Distance Studios aims to make the most terrifying game ever. Watch the extended and uncensored red band version of the cinematic trailer of The Callisto Protocol and see for yourself.

Do you think that we needed to wait for this version of the trailer for The Callisto Protocol or should this be how it was brought out first? Do you think that this will be how we have to combat the creatures in the game or will this just be how it is all set up? Will this be a hard M-rated title here or will it try to walk the line to get a broad audience instead? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. For more on The Callisto Protocol, be sure to keep an eye out here for all of that. We will be sure to update you as best as we can here.