It Is Time For Us All To Head Down To Orwell’s Animal Farm

Animal Farm

The video game form of George Orwell’s Animal Farm is out now and you can see a little more gameplay for Orwell’s Animal Farm right now

The day is here and the big game we have all been waiting for is here with the launch of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Okay, it may not be the big game that everyone has had their eyes on for the last eight years that is here today, but we all may need to have a nice break from the dark and grit for a different kind of dark and grit from Nerial. It is also handy to have there if you are still learning from home and want to have an interactive version of the classic Animal Farm story. It has launched out there now for the PC, iOS, and Android devices out there so you do not need to be limited if you have to leave the house for a bit.

If you have missed it a bit before, we have some new gameplay for Orwell’s Animal Farm to take in just below. It plays out like an interactive novel but unlike the book, we can alter how things play out. Even if this trailer makes it look like it will all go as dark as the book goes with the fun little farm animals. You can see just a bit more for this version of Animal Farm, obviously, and also see how we can try to modify feelings and the way the animals all act. I will stop talking now and let you dive in and see if you will take a break from other games for this one now.

Orwell’s Animal Farm — Launch Gameplay

Orwell's Animal Farm is a narrative game based on George Orwell's renowned satire of totalitarian regimes. Throw out exploitative farmers. Found a new Republic. Guide its leaders.

All animals are equal. You decide which animals are most equal of all.

Are you curious to see how this version of Animal Farm will play out or will it always go down the same way as the book? Will you try to make sure that the pigs do not take over or will that always happen no matter the way you go? How different do you think the story can be here or will it only give us the illusion that we can change things? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more to share for Animal Farm, we will have it here for you. Please keep checking in for all of that and more.