I know you all must be getting tired of the Resident Evil 5 coverage, but how can I stop when they keep pumping out awesome media assets like the video below. I'm sure that once the game comes out and the reviews are written you will all get some reprieve from the bombardment of information from the game. But until then, you will have to deal with it.

I jest of course. We all know you like it.

The video that was released shows a bit more of the game's story as well as a bit of how Wesker, Umbrella, and TriCell all fit into the game. Not to mention there totally teasing a bunch of extra characters from the past as well as new. But one thing that it does show is that this game will be larger than life. Maybe not literally, unless you have a movie theater to play the game in. But watch it and see if you don't need a hand-i wipe.