Get A Nice & Long Feel For What We Will Experience In The Signifier


New gameplay for The Signifier is out there just before we will all be able to jump in and give The Signifier a play

We are all about to be treated to some fun this week when The Signifier finally releases on the PC and Mac on October 15th. It has been a bit of a wait to see Playmestudio bring this tech-noir title to life and the wait is almost over. Being gamers, though, we always want something to see before the game launches and for those that cannot wait a few more days, we have something for you. In fact, we have about fifteen minutes of something for you from The Signifier in the way of gameplay. Yeah, get ready to spoil part of the game just before you will have a chance to dive in directly to it all. Just as we always try not to do before a game's launch.

It does look like we have some of the earlier parts of The Signifier to look at here based on the chapter number and slight tutorials we still see pop up here. Granted, this is not always the case when it comes to these kinds of videos as there is sometimes a lengthy bit of other gameplay and dialog that plays out, but it is worth noting that this could make the first fifteen minutes of The Signifier a bit of a drag once you watch it all. Only because there will not be anything you have not seen as of yet. Unless, that is, that the person at the controls skipped over things to keep the pace flowing, but that does not truly look like the case here for all of this. Have a look if you want and then get ready to wait a few more days to get to play it all.

The Signifier — First 15 Minutes Of Gameplay

Raw Fury and Playmestudio have revealed that The Signifier, a surreal first-person tech-noir mystery adventure that blends investigation, experimental psychology, and artificial intelligence, will launch on October 15 for Windows PC via Steam and other digital stores. When the vice president of the world's largest tech company turns up dead in her home, it’s up to you to examine her death using advanced technology to interpret the mind.

Step foot into the Dreamwalker, a deep brain scanner which recreates recorded senses in the virtual world, and venture into the memories of the deceased. Within the strange and unpredictable depths of the human consciousness, you’ll unravel a multi-layer narrative of power and intrigue that will leave you questioning everything. Move freely between three dimensions -- reality, the objective, and the subjective -- exploring different events and environments for clues, solving puzzles, and putting the pieces together to discover the truth.

Game Features:

  • A compelling narrative that spirals into a complex web of real-world intrigue and surreal suspense.
  • Three coexisting dimensions to explore: reality, objective memories, and subjective dreams.
  • Move between realms to solve puzzles, unlock new dialogue branches, and unravel the mystery.
  • Learn psychological concepts and use your powers and tools to navigate the strange and unpredictable unconsciousness.
  • Become immersed in thought-provoking tension, free from jump scares.
  • Question the implications of AI, intrusion to the consciousness, privacy, and the subjective creation of our minds.

Have you been holding out for The Signifier before now and want to go in blind or did you dive into all of this new video already? Do you think trying to skip on game spoilers is pointless at this point and we should all give in or should we try to keep them to a minimum moving forward? Do you think it will matter in a game like this one where we will need to recreate everything on our own as we play? Let us all know your thoughts on this and then discuss so we do not need to sift through your memories. If there is anything more for The Signifier, we will share it all here for you. Be sure to keep checking in for all of that and more.