Ghostrunner Is Hacking Its Way Onto The Switch Now


The Switch will also be getting Ghostrunner on it when the times comes for Ghostrunner to officially launch out there

We get to add one more platform for Ghostrunner to launch on this coming October 27th. Not only will it be there for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One but it will also be out there on the Switch at launch too. It is odd that One More Level did not have that listed right from the start of it all, but it is nice to see more gamers will have a chance to get in on it all. Even if it does not look like the Switch will be the best for controls for Ghostrunner, but I am sure they would not throw in for the system if it did not work that well. I guess we will see here in just over a month.

Well, over a month or a little bit now as we have some new gameplay for Ghostrunner and specifically on the Switch. It looks like it will flow just as well and look about the same, but this is all in the promotional materials so it might be a bit off. It will just be nice to be able to take the game on the go if we actually have the chance to do that here, but it does feel like it might be more worth picking up Ghostrunner on any of the other systems. It all depends on your preferences and needs though, so do with all of this as you will.

Ghostrunner — Nintendo Switch Release Date

Ghostrunner will slice into Nintendo Switch consoles digitally on Tuesday, October 27! Witness stunning AAA-quality gameplay on full display in the latest Ghostrunner trailer.

Did you expect to see Ghostrunner over here on the Switch when all the others come out or is this a nice and new surprise? Do you think it looks just as goo here or will it still look better on the other platforms when it all comes down? Do you think the controls will work just as well or will that be something that does not translate over all that well? Give us all of those thoughts and feelings down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. When there is something else to share for Ghostrunner, we will share it all here. Just be sure to keep coming back for all of that and more.