Hope You Are Up For Some Weird Stuff To Come In Borderlands 3


Find out what makes the brains of the Borderlands psychos tick in the upcoming DLC for Borderlands 3 — Psycho Krieg And The Fantastic Fustercluck

Get ready for more weirdness to come to us via Borderlands 3, as we have the reveal for the fourth big DLC that is hitting the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 10th. It is more campaign and story to experience here with even more reasons to question the minds over at Gearbox. It looks like this one will take us deeper into the mind of a Psycho in the Borderlands universe. Not just any Psycho, but the mind of Krieg and all of the madness that is going on in there. Also, by going into the mind I am talking a bit more literal than just a therapy session as the team of vault hunters will be going right into all of the weirdness inside the brain to try to help figure out where things went wrong.

You can see a bit more for it in the following trailer, but it looks like this is all in the name of science in the Borderlands universe and to better understand something called Vaulthalla. A mythical place that may be the reason that all of this insanity is triggered in their brains. That or maybe an actual place where all of the loot and gear is stored away for us to find. I guess we will find out in short order when we jump on the crazy train and head back into Borderlands 3 when this DLC drops. Who does not need a little more madness in their lives right now? I will wait for the voices to count the responses here…

Borderlands 3 — Psycho Krieg And The Fantastic Fustercluck

Ready to say goodbye to sanity, Vault Hunter? Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck, the 4th campaign DLC for Borderlands 3, will send you on a savage and surreal journey into madness starting September 10!

Brilliant scientist Patricia Tannis may have cracked one of the galaxy's greatest mysteries: what makes the Borderlands' psychos so uniformly deranged? She believes the answer lies with Vaulthalla, a mythical place that induces insanity in all who learn its true nature. Of course, your average psycho isn't going to peacefully sit still and share Vaulthalla's secrets, so the closest you can get to a willing participant is Krieg, a fellow Crimson Raider and the most badass psycho there is.

Problem is, Krieg's not the best communicator, what with all his aggressive, barely coherent screaming. Using technology that lesser intellects couldn't possibly comprehend, Tannis is beaming you and your fellow Vault Hunters directly into Krieg's consciousness so you can discover Vaulthalla for yourself. You'll need to team up with both of Krieg's opposing personas—a raging murder machine and a calm inner voice—if you want any chance of surviving his twisted, meat-filled mindscapes and reaping Vaulthalla's rewards.

Have you always wondered what has made the Psychos in the Borderlands universe as mad as they are or will that humanize them too much more for you? How crazy do you think things will get in the story here and will it just be a lot of bad jokes instead? Do you think we will get to see this Vaulthalla and maybe the demise of our characters in the run of it all? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If we have more for Borderlands 3, you know we will add it all to the site. Just be sure to keep coming back for it all and more.